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The antique Kipper Fortune Cards

Ancient German Fortune Telling Cards from 1900

Antique Fortune cards Tax Stamp
Antique Tax stamp on the Main Character card

Telling the fortune with fortune telling cards is one of the most precise ways for taking a look in the possible future. There are thousands of different Tarot and fortune telling cards in the world. The most of them are modern with colorful pictures and new design.
Many of the old and ancient fortune telling cards get more and more lost in our modern time. But we think, that antique fortune cards, where people took a look in the future many hundreds of years ago, are more precise then the modern cards because the author of the cards were mosty specialists in color symbolism and other magical secrets, which were Word of Mouth already long time ago.
One of those very interesting games is the antique version of the Kipper Fortune Telling Cards, which we present you now in the yearly Horoscope.
So if you get your yearly Horoscope, do not only read the texts, the prediction of the respective month, take time and take a look at the fortune telling cards which represent your month.
Try to make your own thoughts and try to make an own prediction for yourself. The symbols and the significance of each image will give you your own meaning of the respective picture.

If you want to go directly to the Antique Kipper Horoscope for next year, just click >> HERE >>.

Yours faithfully author Holger



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