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Horoscope Cancer 2013

Your Zodiac Horoscope for the Star Sign Cancer

Star Sign Cancer

Optimized with Partnership Horoscope for gays and lesbians

First the general meaning of your Zodiac Sign Cancer:
The most romantic of all Zodiac signs is the Cancer! You can quickly get access to your soul and to the spuls of other people, even if you do not already know that you can do it..
By your permanent help and taking care of friends and other people you bind other people close to you, like a shield, and you use their skills from time to time. That was not meant negative!
You feel attracted to weak people and you happy to help them and to give your strong shoulder.
Your family is the center of your life that gives you a real sense of security and for your family you would do anything, even kill.
Similarly connected as you are with your family, is your hometown, where you like to come back from time to time and fall into past dreams.

You have many positive characteristics:
You are very sensitive and delicate, easily impressionable, very emotional and empathetic in dealing with others people. But you are also a bit shy, because you have a little fear of being hurt. Furthermore, you are very imaginative, rather calm and conciliatory in disputes.

But you also have negative characteristics:
Unfortunately, you are also very moody, unstable and vulnerable, if you can not enforce your will. Sometimes you are melancholic, hypersensitive, grudge and unrealistic.

Your characteristics in love, sex and relationship:
No other zodiac sign has such strong feelings of desire or can fall at such deep feelings, as your star sign, the Cancer. So you are the perfect partner of each relationship!
If you love then full of passion and wholeheartedly. This is also reflected in sex, because to have sex with a cancer is, as if you has butterflies in your stomach, which develop into a firework of passion and in the end is a huge explosion of the senses!



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