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Horoscope Gemini 2013

Yearly Love Horoscope for the Star Sign Gemini

Star Sign Gemini

Optimized with Partnership Horoscope for gays and lesbians

First the general meaning of your Zodiac Sign Gemini:
You as a Gemini love the variety, the diversity in all areas of life. First and foremost you are emphatic, you understand people and it is a great pleasure for you, especially at the thought level to see things very differently. This means you are a master of pointing out differences, but also a great relativizer and doubter who asks yourself the sublime and sacred unreservedly.
Characteristic is also your desire to pick up news and quickly transfer them to other people. You are a good broker-dealer primarily by news but also of goods with a fast turnover.

You have many positive characteristics:
You are interested in many things, and in almost all matters you are very skilled, agile, lively, and you do not have a lot of prejudice towards others. You are communicative, sociable, open-minded and you can be very curious.

But you also have negative characteristics:
You are often scattered, erratic, nervous, very talkative, precocious, opportunistic, unfortunately, often unreliable, superficial, trivial and carelessly.

Your characteristics in love, sex and relationship:
You as Gemini love the variety, which has found the reflection in the number of your relationships and your passions. If you are single, you have almost a wear of partners, but if once you were caught and tied, then you are more loyal, but not shy of a flirt with an other person.
During sex you are very creative and varied, you like a long, erotic foreplay, but when it comes to the point, you are quickly finished and then immediately you set your focus on other things.



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