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Launch of our free service

This website was launched on February 26th 2012

Fortune Teller Yearly Horoscope

Welcome on earth - or better: Welcome in Internet!
The 26th of February 2012 was the day, when we launched this domain.
The idea of yearly-horoscope.com was, that everybody can use a reliable, free horoscope for the following year.
We have the best experiences for this, because we are professional working with fortune telling cards for more then 10 years. We wrote many websites in German about free fortune telling and online solutions for taking a look in the possible future. So please excuse us, if you find some mistakes in our sentences - we try our best!

This job, we do is like a calling for me. I have to do this. I have to take care, that the old and antique knowledge never disappears from eart.
So I also started to collect and understand antique fortune telling games. In the course of years I collected as site effect one of the largest collections of old fortune telling cards - without Tarot - on earth.

So I improved my knowledge about the old way of telling the future and adopt it to our new, modern times.
I started with my team to write free fortune telling websites in German, mainly about ancient Lenormand cards or the antique Kipper cards. The succes was awfully, because our predictions were good and we offer all our service for free. OK, we had to make some promotion for our online-shop www.Esoterikshopping.de, where we sell hundreds of fortune telling cards and Tarot. But so we can offer all our service for free to the German speaking people.

And now, after so many years working with horoscopes, we also improved our English and now we are proud to represent you our first English websites about horoscopes, starting with this yearly horoscope website.

Enjoy it!

Yours faithfully author Holger



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