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Horoscope Aries 2013

Yearly Love Horoscope for the Star Sign Aries

Star Sign Aries

Optimized also with Partnership Horoscope for gays and lesbians

First the general meaning of your Zodiac Sign Aries:
Many times in your life your inner forces break out. Positive and negative. You fall quickly and deeply in love. Your primary aim is to find the I in yourself, so you have your own strong will and take the world by storm.
Activity, taking the initiative, rushing relentless and tireless forward are identifying you.
From setbacks you recover quickly and you stand up again immediately. You are a tireless and enterprising pioneer with a warm, easygoing openness.
Your unclouded optimism and your joy of life can give swing and courage to others.

You have many positive characteristics:
You are active, ready, strong-willed, decisive, direct, honest, adventurous, spontaneous, enthusiastic and courageous.

But you also have negative characteristics:
Unfortunately, you are too impatient, at times stormy, angry and often you act rashly. You are also impetuous, hot-blooded, arrogant, and you can be aggressive and belligerent.

Your characteristics in love, sex and relationship:
As already mentioned, you are passionate, hot-blooded, adventurous and fiery. That makes you an passionate lover, who makes experiments like in love, as long as your partner also will like.
If you are single, you tend to love multiple partners at the same or in short time periods. But if you are married, you are the loyalty in person.



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