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Horoscope Taurus 2013

Yearly Love Horoscope for the Star Sign Taurus

Star Sign Taurus

Optimized with Partnership Horoscope for gays and lesbians

First the general meaning of your Zodiac Sign Taurus:
You, or rather, the Taurus in you, are often a little stubborn. Your best qualities are love and devotion, everybody can believe and trust you. Your patience with which you integrate in the natural growth cycles are positve striking.
You can wait ... as a bull you can wait much longer than any other star sign until you have reached your goal. And simply by your patience, you can reach quite a lot more than other people. You like to stand on solid ground and defend yourself accordingly against surprising innovations and unmanageable risks.
The sense of pleasure, sex and erotic has in your sign their highest development and makes you as a bull to a grateful connoisseurs.

You have many positive characteristics:
You are stable, solid, enduring, patient and very reliable. When it comes to family and finances, you perate safety-oriented.
You are productive, sensual and sociable and you love to drink with friends and have a little party.

But you also have negative characteristics:
Unfortunately sometimes you can be naive, self-satisfied or cumbersome. You are prejudiced, stubborn and forgive mistakes of others only after a long, long time. Furthermore, you are also possessive, materialistic, and you run the risk of being a follower.

Your characteristics in love, sex and relationship:
You are faithful and solid, to your partner. Your reliability and friendliness opens many doors in your life.
During sex you are passionate, joyful, partly you like it strong and a little brutal and you are very persistent. You love it, at least sometimes, to be dominant and tell or show your partner, what you would like to do and how you like it. You enjoy every second while having sex and when you finish, you cuddle up to your partner and then you like a blissful sleep.



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