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Horoscope Leo / Lion 2013

Your Zodiac Horoscope for the Star Sign Leo the Lion

Star Sign Leo the Lion

Optimized with Partnership Horoscope for gays and lesbians

First the general meaning of your Zodiac Sign Leo the Lion:
You as a lion born have a very high self-awareness and a rousing vitality.
You are master of the generous gestures and expressive design. You understand perfectly to plan and organize in the Great. You love to bask in the light of your own generosity.
Dream jobs for you are prestigious leadership tasks that require self-confidence and initiative, such as managers, politicians, chief physician, merchant, or officer.

You have many positive characteristics:
You are very optimistic, cheerful and brave. You are not only strong-willed and actively in all situations, in finance, you are very generous. In real life you are, caring, loyal, charming, very proud and always responsibly.

But you also have negative characteristics:
But you are also a little egotistical and you fall quickly into theatrical or dramatic when you do not get your will. You are often high-handed, almost narcissistic, very authoritarian, sometimes uncontrolled and quite pompous.

Your characteristics in love, sex and relationship:
Your sweeping joy of life, your optimism and your humor have a stimulating effect on other people. You receive regularly many offers for flirts and partnerships. If only for a date that ends in bed, or for a long term relationship.
Your strong sense of responsibility and your prestige thinking  ensure that if you are in a relationship, you are not cheating.
In bed You are a grenade! You like imaginative, erotic games and live your sex life to the fullest.
As the zodiac Leo says: There is something animalistic, a wild animal in you!



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