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Daily Fortune Card

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For the last 200 years it is in Europe very popular to draw every day a Fortune Telling Card. This Card shows you the most important theme for the day or the most important situation, you will be confronted with on the coming day, like a daily Horoscope. This depends, if you take a situative card like from for example the Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards or from the Kipper cards, or Sibilla cards.
The other kind of Fortune Telling Cards are a little harder to understand, because they show you things and persons which you have to interpret yourself. This you find mostly at the Lenormand Cards.

Here you find our collection of daily cards.
All daily Horoscopes and oracles are naturally free to use.

Tarot Daily Card


Skat Cards - Daily Card


Kipper Daily Card

Free daily Horoscope antique Kipper cards
The daily Horoscope with the antique Kipper Cards
The daily Horoscope with the antique Kipper Cards:
Those ancient Fortune Telling Cards are more then hundred years old. They were uses by generations of cartomancy Fortune Tellers.
Now we build an free online Horoscope, where you can take a look in your Future of today.

Love and Erotic Daily Card


Daily card from other Fortune Telling Cards

Destin Antique free daily Horoscope
The daily Horoscope with the Destin Antique Cards
The daily Horoscope with the Destin Antique Cards:
The Fortune Telling cards Destin Antique gives you the chance to take a look in the future of this day. You must draw a card, which shows you the most important event, which will bother you today.
The romantic Destin Antique cards are from the 19th century and they will also give you a nice impression about the style of living in the past.

Hegenauer Tarot free daily Horoscope
The daily Horoscope with the Hegenauer Fortune Telling Cards
The daily Horoscope with the Hegenauer Fortune Telling Cards:
About 1890, the Hegenauer fortune telling cards were published for the first time. We are proud to offer you the possibility, to get your free daily Horoscope with those original Hegenauer Fortune Telling Cards. This cards were printed only in black and white colour, but they were very famous in cartomancy in the last century.

Antique Biedermeier free daily Horoscope
The daily Horoscope with the antique Biedermeier Cards
The daily Horoscope with the antique Biedermeier Cards:
This version of the Biedermeier prophetic fortune telling cards were first published about 1900 - 1930. You have here the possibility to get your free daily Horoscope with the original ancient Biedermeier Fortune cards.

Lenormand Daily Card

Your free daily Horoscope by Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards
Here you can use the cards of the oldest printing card company, ASS Altenburger, Germany for your daily Oracle.
The playing card symbols in the upper third of the cards are an additional possibility for the interpretation of the card meaning.

Free daily Horoscope with the Astrological Lenormand
The Astrological Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards by Hildegard Leiding are baded on the time of Mlle. Lenormand (1772 - 1843).
The symbolic and the astrological style are also based on that time period.
With help of the astrological symbols, you are able to forecast the next two years.
The Cards show changes in humans or in their environment.

Carta mundi Lenormand Horoscope
With the classical Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards from the big card printing Carta Mundi you can easily get your free daily Horoscope. In this fortune telling cards are additional verses with the meaning of the cards.

Blue Owl Lenormand daily Horoscope
This ist the most known non Tarot cartomancy Fortune Telling Card game in the world: The Blue Owl Lenormand. We enable you to use them for your free daily Horoscope.
At the top of the cards you find small playing card symbols, which enables you another interpretation possibility.

Red Owl Classic free Lenormand Horoscope
Take your daily free Horoscope card of the wounderful classical Lenormand fortune telling cards Red Owl. At the upper part of the cards you find small verses with the meaning of the card, so this you can use additional for your daily Horoscope.

French Cartomancy daily Horoscope
The symbols of the French Cartomancy Lenormand card game are classical ancient symbols from the 19th century. Also the persons on the cards are dressed in the old way. Use this ancient card game to get your free daily Horoscope with Tarot and Fortune Telling cards.

The daily Horoscope from the Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards Isabel´s Dream
For many years, the artist Isabel Krsnic, born on 17.03.1957 in Andahuaylas in Peru, had the dream to create her own Lenormand card deck.
Now you can take your daily Horoscope card for free.



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